Artillery Magazine Review: Krystina Mierins

November 2, 2012

“Petits Genres” is Donovan an Siegel’s witty response to the historical hierarchical classification of paintings, [...]

Reading: E.H. Gombrich’s Art and Illusion

October 16, 2012

Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation gives a history of [...]

Toronto International Art Fair

October 26-29, 2012
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

October 16, 2012

ArtSync Review: Heather White

September 30, 2012

Words are tricky to do originally. They’re a public resource. Like celebrities, they belong to the [...]

120 seconds with Donovan + Siegel

September 30, 2012

ArtSync interview with Tali Dudin.

Hot Art: Words that Bind

September 20, 2012

where Toronto, September 2012. Artistic duo Hallie Siegel and Matt Donovan have made their names [...]

OCAD Toolbox Panel Discussion October 26, 7-9pm

September 26, 2011

Matt, joins the “Matters at Hand” panel discussion on studio based education. October 26, 2011 [...]

Where Magazine Article

Where Magazine: Craig Moy

September 16, 2011

where ESSENTIAL Toronto | 2011-2012 See-Worthy Visuals Discover some of Toronto’s most interesting contemporary artists [...]

ArtSync Interview

April 13, 2011

ArtSync interview aired Friday, April 8th on Rogers channel 10.

NOW magazine “must-see” show

April 9, 2011

NOW | April 7-14, 2011 | VOL 30 NO 32

Big thanks to all who came to the opening. It was great to see you there!

March 31, 2011